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Why Silk Price Rises So Sharply?

- Jan 17, 2018 -

Why silk price rises so sharply?

If you are in the industry of garment or textile, you must feel the wave from the silk price recently. Is this a trick of price mark-up from suppliers? FY had been in this industry for years, there’re many reasons but mainly two:

1. Genuineness

There are too many fake silks. The price of fake silk is much cheaper than genuine silk, while it’s hard for normal customer to define genuineness from eyes. Many manufactures sales fake silk or half fake silk to customers but marked as “100% silk”. This makes real 100% silk more valuable.

P.S. we assure the silk FY sales is 100% silk

2. Silk grower

This is really a region problem. The quantity of silk growers in China is decreasing year by year. Some growers past away, some are too old to continue, some stopped because this job is tiring and low-income. Worse is the new generations have no passion in this career, there’s little people to hand over.


So, if silk is important to your products, please inquiry prices frequently, or the price would be much different from last week.