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Which Is Better For Traditional Printing And Digital Printing Fabrics?

- Nov 26, 2018 -

Which is better for traditional printing and digital printing fabrics? The printing process of printed fabrics has been continuously improved and improved. Traditional printing is familiar to everyone, such as flat screen printing, rotary screen printing, etc. are the most traditional floral printing principle, and in recent years, digital printing has developed rapidly, gradually began to replace traditional printing, and some printed fabric patterns It can only be processed with digital printing.

The disadvantage of the traditional printing is that the post-processing takes a long time, the manuscript is difficult to store, the processing time is long, and it is not suitable for processing fine patterns with relatively high requirements or patterns requiring high color change.

Digital printing uses digital printing, which is characterized by flexibility, easy and fast modification, and precise and realistic detail capture.

So which way to choose your way to process your printed fabric is better? In fact, it depends on the actual situation. If your fabric is relatively large, you can choose traditional printing, because the cost of digital printing will be relatively high when the batch size is large. However, if your batch size is not large, or if the color requirements of the pattern are high, it is more suitable to use digital printing.

Traditional printing and digital printing can coexist so far. But I believe that in the near future, with the continuous improvement of digital technology, digital printing will gradually replace traditional printing.