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What's The Magical Use Of Silk Scarves?

- Dec 15, 2018 -

What's The Magical Use Of Silk Scarves?

  1. When used in headscarves or hair bands, this is especially suitable for people in sports! Wrap the silk scarf around the headscarf, tie your ponytail or fold the strips over your forehead to prevent the hair from spreading and blocking your view. It also helps you block the sun and absorb sweat. With this method, the cloth scarf is more effective.

    silk scarf

  2. Attach a small thing to a backpack. If a small item such as a small bottle or an umbrella can't be squeezed into your backpack, or if you want to take it at any time, it is a good choice to wear a scarf around the backpack. Of course, you have to be careful not to hinder your actions.

  3. Photograph props, travel photos so much that you can't think of how to pose, you can take out the silk scarf as a prop, let it flutter in the wind, tie it on the waist as a handsome decoration, half face, etc., can let you Leave a variety of moving images.

  4. Wrap the wound. In the wild, if you are bitten by a snake, you can use a silk scarf to bind the wound to the heart, 2 cm to 10 cm, to prevent venom from entering. Remember to relax for a minute or two every 20 minutes to avoid limb necrosis.

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