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What Is The Potential Of The Digital Printing Industry In The Future

- Dec 26, 2018 -

What is the potential of the digital printing industry in the future

At present, due to the influence of industrial restructuring in the textile industry, coupled with the increasing pressure of domestic environmental protection storms, many traditional printing factories are facing production suspension. Many industry people cannot help but worry about the prospects of the traditional textile printing industry, but in the textile industry. There is also a broad development prospect ---- digital printing.

As a new type of printing method, digital printing meets the increasingly diverse mid-to-high end demand of the market by virtue of its high efficiency, low proofing cost, good printing effect and low pollution.

What are the advantages of digital printing?

First, the color is bright and the pattern is clear

The printing precision is high, the color is rich, the transition is natural, and the pattern is clear.

Second, personalized customization

No plate making is required, the batch is flexible, it is not limited by the pattern, and the image can be modified arbitrarily. It can be used for single piece production, mass production, and fast delivery.

Third, environmental protection and pollution

Low energy consumption, low pollution and low noise. It does not produce waste water during the whole printing process, and the noise is low, which is a true pollution-free production technology.

Fourth, the reaction speed is fast

Textile inkjet printing technology covers a small footprint, can be printed in the office and home, and can be personalized digital printing via the Internet.

Original digital printing as a means of proofing and small batch production, with the continuous maturity of process equipment, digital printing technology has been widely used in the European and American markets as a mature technology for mass production. The traditional printing and dyeing industry with high energy consumption and high pollution has gradually been replaced by digital printing.

It is understood that the European printing and dyeing enterprises have stopped adding traditional printing and dyeing processing capabilities. The flat screen production line has been basically eliminated due to complicated operation and slow production. Its market share is basically replaced by digital printing. Due to the speed and low cost of rotary screen printing, some enterprises maintain their operation. However, with the development of high-speed digital printing equipment, the market share of traditional printing will be continuously compressed. Nowadays, the newly added printing capacity in Europe and America is almost all Digital printing.