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What Is Imitated Cashmere Scarf

- Dec 15, 2018 -

What is Imitated Cashmere Scarf

The cashmere is a special process of acrylic fiber, which makes the acrylic fiber have the smooth, soft and elastic hand of natural cashmere, and has the excellent dyeing performance of acrylic fiber. Cashmere is one of the main raw materials for the upgrading of chemical fiber products. Cashmere-like products have more vivid colors than natural cashmere.

Cashmere is the root of wool and the fluff above the skin is called cashmere. It is a very precious textile material with low content, high quality and high price. The luster is soft, and the cashmere scarf has the fine, soft and smooth characteristics. The silky soft and natural luster has a charming appeal. The cashmere scarf has good moisture absorption and breathability. It is comfortable around the neck and has a unique touch and a strong natural color.

The cashmere-like scarf is still quite cost-effective. It has the characteristics of cashmere: light and warm, soft to the touch. 


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