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What Is Gravity Blanket

- Nov 06, 2018 -

                                                              What is gravity blanket

With the quickening pace of modern life, too much pressure leads to insomnia has been the daily life of many people.According to research, more than 40 million people suffer from poor sleep quality due to prolonged anxiety and depression, and even long-term insomnia affects their daily life.

While in the U.S. occupational therapy industry, a popular product called "weighted blankets" features blankets that weigh more than 10 percent of a person's body weight.Research shows that heavier blankets have a general effect on anxiety and relaxation, and can also improve the quality of sleep for people with insomnia.

Like other quilts, it has a soft and comfortable touch and meticulous workmanship, but unlike other quilts, it mainly serves people who are under pressure and are suffering from insomnia, anxiety and depression.It provides stress and sensory inputs to individuals suffering from depression and insomnia or other illnesses, and can be used as a calming tool or to help with deep sleep, which can relieve stress.

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