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Uniqo -- The Benchmarking Of Chinese Clothing Enterprises

- May 10, 2018 -

The city of Xidan, Beijing. After visiting the ZARA on the first floor, go to the two level H&M, then go to the three floor to buy UNIQLO. This is a shopping route for many young tide people. Because UNIQLO's prices are affordable and styles are much better, it's easier for them to pay. The grey shopping basket at the door reminds you that you can do self-service shopping, stack up neatly dressed clothes, and hardly find any brand marks on clothes. The clothing supermarket named "UNIQLO" swept the world.

Recently, uniqo announced fourth global flagship stores in New York, London and Paris, and the first global flagship store in Asia to be unveiled in Shanghai. This brand of clothing from Japan, with a relatively cheap price to provide high quality material and design, and European Zara, H&M, has quietly "slipped into" the mainstream of China's market, set off a frenzy of hot pursuit.

The flat - price T - shirt sells the first richest man in Japan

Speaking of the richest man in Japan, many people would think that it was in the field of electronic or mechanical manufacturing, but who would think that, according to the newly published Japanese rich list of the Asian version of Forbes, the founder of the Japanese clothing brand, Ryui Masa, was able to become the richest man in Japan for two years, with a family of $9 billion 200 million.

In June 1984, Liu well founded the first UNIQLO store in Hiroshima, Japan.  The fast selling company based on UNIQLO brand was established in 1963.  In 1991, fast selling companies began to launch chain businesses. From September 1991 to August 1994, UNIQLO added 100 stores. In July 1994, Ryui Masa made the company listed on the Hiroshima stock exchange. 5 years later, the company moved to the main board of the Tokyo stock exchange. As of February 2010, the company's main brand UNIQLO has 918 stores in the world, of which 793 are in Japan. In 2010, Ryui Masa had a bigger target - he claimed to reach $1 billion in sales in the year, surpassing GAP to become the world's first clothing retail brand.

Ryui Masa, who is 61 years old, is not very tall but energetic. He can walk fast. The accompanying staff must trot all the way to catch up. He often wears his own suit and can buy it by adding up to 400 yuan. At the back of the world, in the 2008 global financial crisis, with the rapid expansion of the uniqo store, personal assets rose 29%, from $4 billion 700 million to $6 billion 100 million, on the top of Japan's richest place, becoming the first person in Japanese history to lead the list of "Forbes" by clothing industry.  Talking about the secret of success, he is proud to say: "the economic crisis is my good friend."

The perfect transformation of the two crisis uniqo

The success of UNIQLO lies in their two "close to consumer" strategic transformation.

UNIQLO is the most successful fast fashion brand in Japan. It started in the 80s of last century and developed in 90s. Japan entered the economic depression for 6 years since the 90s of last century, when the Japanese clothing market was filled with two extremes: either very expensive luxury clothing or rough low end clothing, while the flat price and low price and high quality clothing became the consumption orientation of people's mind. Ryui Masa's brand of UNIQLO is just following this trend.

In 80s, uniqo focused its design on basic, male and female casual clothes, such as shirts, jeans, sweaters, and so on. These clothes, though fashionable, did not follow fashion changes. Secondly, for the first time in Japan, the sale mode of the big store style clothing is introduced, with the form of storage supermarket, with "reasonable and reliable price, a large amount of continuous supply", so that consumers can realize one-stop shopping. The most important thing is that it moves the factory to a cheap place to reduce the price of clothing so that consumers can buy fashion clothes with a sense of design at a low price. Through the unique commodity planning, development and sales system, we can realize the low cost of store operation and create the most popular leisure brand of Japanese consumers.

However, uniqo was not satisfied with its own success. At the end of the 90s of last century, uniqo adjusted its business model in time and began the era of "casual clothes directly to consumers". The so-called "casual clothes directly to the consumer" is to fully modify the planning, production, circulation, sales and other commercial processes, and strive to establish the most suitable business model for consumers, of which the key is to produce a large amount of production according to the needs of consumers.

Through continuous innovation and close to consumers, all products lines of XXX group have been recognized by domestic consumers and ranked the first place in Japan's casual wear sales. At the same time, it has become the top garment retailer in the world.

It can be seen that the emergence of the richest man in the field of clothing retailing is "accidental" and "inevitable". Although the social background of enterprise development, that is, the so-called "sky time" is very important, but the fundamental reason that determines whether the enterprise can keep youth and always remain invincible is whether to seize the inner needs of the consumer.

Clothing and domestic products should strive to become the next richest person in China.

If the price is the first choice, I believe a lot of the tide people who often find the goods are "zoos", "Cheap Road", "Sijiqing" and other domestic wholesale bases, as well as JEANSWEST, Giordano, fort lion and other domestic brands. There is no advantage over the price, uniqo. Fortunately, Ryui Masa realized in time that better design is harder to refuse than price.

For uniqo, H&M and ZARA, between their all line products, from the basic clothing to the classic style, to the fashion front, from the young to the teenage, to the children and the pregnant women, the area is wide and the color is very complete. All the basic items have different colors to be selected. Diversified product lines have made their consumer groups huge and able to control fashion at the most affordable prices.

As Ryui Masa said, UNIQLO is an accessory for clothing, suitable for all brands, and suitable for everyone to buy. The basic price of UNIQLO's cheap and good quality is highly recommended by many high-end fashion magazines. These hundreds of dollars of single products are matched in the LV and Chanel coat.

To catch up with the latest trends, UNIQLO set up R & D centers in the forefront of Tokyo, New York, Paris and Milan. The main task of these R & D personnel is to find out what elements will be popular next season, and then research and develop new products on this basis. The uniqo also worked with independent music vendors, designers, and artists from all over the world to make t - shirts a work of art. The most common T-shirt is now the most expected collection of every season - and everyone can afford it. Even Jil Sander, the minimalist design queen, was invited by Liu Jing Zheng to be the creative director of UNIQLO.

It is the "innovation", "wisdom" and "courage" of the uniqo, the understanding of the customer and the grasp of the fashion, so that every garment has the soul of the art, which is the vitality of the uniqo.

Although China is a large garment country, the biggest one is "OEM".  Although in recent years there have been a number of strong domestic clothing brands, but more manufacturers still think that the brand of foreign brands processing is the main production. And we know that garment processing is the lowest profit link in the garment industry chain. If you want to make a big effort and open up a world in the international market, we must have a brand with a market appeal.

The so-called "first-class enterprises" sell standards; second class enterprises sell brands; the three generation enterprises sell products. In recent years, China's garment industry is eager to cater to the market and integrate with the international market, resulting in a serious disconnection between its own cultural accumulation and its brand. Therefore, although China has a large number of public garment enterprises, there are few strong forward strikers.

Now the clothing design of the domestic brand seems to be almost the same. Is there a brand distinction? Chinese clothing brand does not seem to grasp the psychological needs of consumers, and does not cultivate the unique cultural connotation of Chinese clothing brand. It will only be a flash in the pan or continue to be the followers of the international clothing market by advertising bombing and the image of international stars.

In any case, we can only wait. Maybe one day, we don't go to uniqo or Zara, but when we choose the Me&City of the American state, the Chinese clothing industry will be the first richest man in China to become a powerful garment power.

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