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T-shirt Printing Process Selection

- Nov 23, 2018 -

T-shirt printing process selection

 It is very important to choose the printing process. Different t-shirt printing processes are also different. Here is how to choose the printing process.

There are three types of T-shirt printing bases, silk screen printing, transfer printing and hand-painted three. Screen printing is the most used T-shirt printing. 90% of the T-shirts bought in the surface shop are screen printing. The screen printing technology is relatively complicated. The first is planning, filming, printing, printing and drying. French. Screen color printing, simply speaking, is a T-shirt pattern. If there are three colors of red, yellow and blue, then it is necessary to print three versions, one for each color, but a little bit with CMYK on the print. Not the same, most foreigners are spot color printing, and the superposition of CMYK dots is difficult to contain on T-shirt printing. The transfer printing skill is a popular printing technique in recent years. The principle is to print (print) the pattern onto the transfer paper first, and then print the pattern on the T-shirt fabric through high temperature and low pressure. Transfer printing has agile convenience, color and expressive benefits, but with absolute low color fastness and high profit margins. If you just want to use a T-shirt with a lot of hair, you can consider printing the design pattern and then transferring it to the T-shirt. There are many tutorials on the Internet. I am not here. At the end, a hand-painted T-shirt that is mostly hand-painted is realized by inkjet printing. It is true that there are many strokes. The pigments used are usually acrylic pigments and textile dyes. The profit of hand-painted T-shirts is relatively high, and No one can guarantee that every piece of painting is the same. Compared with the above three skills, if your planned number of pieces to be printed is only a few pieces, you can choose hot transfer printing. Today, the value of a hot transfer printing paper is 5 to 10 yuan, and most of them will use that kind of You can ask for a price when you are doing a hot transfer printing shop. If you want to do dozens of pieces and can choose hundreds of pieces, still choose screen printing, the larger the printing volume, the higher the plate making fee to each T-shirt.

    T-shirt printing can be better if you choose the right printing technology.