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Simple Fasten Styles Of Winter Scarf

- Jan 04, 2019 -

Simple Fasten Styles of Winter Scarf

  1. The style of the ordinary scarf will give you a refreshing feeling in the overall matching effect. This kind of scarf will make the neck slightly fluffy, so when you match the coat, you should stand up the collar and tie the scarf outside, so it doesn't look bloated.

  2. A simple flat knot, because it is placed in the shape of a figure on the neck, so it seems that the shape is more complicated, the shawl will leave a layer of shawl pleats on the chest, which can impress people.

  3. The fixed shape of the rectangle is characterized by practicality and warmth. The shawl of the same color is easy to match with the clothes. It looks fashionable and elegant.

  4. The shawl knot is behind, so from the back it looks like the back is equally beautiful. Paired with a compact suit, very coordinated.

  5. The two ends of the scarf are hung in front, and the shape is wide. The pink knit sweater is paired with a white scarf, and the color tone is soft, giving a fresh and beautiful feeling.

  6. The fluffy feeling of a single knot gives a feeling of liveliness, enthusiasm and enthusiasm. A simple-style knitwear with a multi-colored, rough-skinned scarf that is very decorative. Don't tie too tightly and don't tie too loosely. 




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