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Reasons For Loss And Loss Of Various Processes In Fabrics

- Jan 17, 2019 -

Main reason for fabric dyeing and finishing loss

1. Removal of oil, wax, pectin, cottonseed and other components from fabrics, yarns, fibers, etc. in bleaching.

2. The breakage and shedding of free fibers on fabrics and yarns during dyeing and finishing, including napping and shearing in finishing.

3. The fabric is corroded and dissolved after various treatments such as acid reduction, alkali reduction, enzyme treatment and chemical washing.

4. Shear loss in the fabric process: to the seam head, to do the cylinder sample, etc.

5. Loss of fabric quality problems: Can not be repaired, can be repaired and repeated 2, 3.4 loss.

6. Resurgence of grey fabrics > Resurgence of finished products.

7. Dyes and additives are adsorbed on the fabric.

The normal loss of 3% in fabrics includes:

1: cloth cloth tail

2: Blocks due to fabric fabric

The 120 pieces you can't use for the pants can be used. It depends on how many pieces in the 120 pieces are produced by the cloth cloth. The cloth produced by the cloth should be within 3% of the normal loss. If it is because of the cutting. Then it is not here.

The defects of normal cloth are stipulated by national standards. I don’t know how much it is. In terms of knitted fabrics, the normal standard is 5 to 8 defects in one cloth (20~25 kg). The defect of each half of the cloth is). Exceeding this number is not normal, you can claim from the fabric factory.