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How To Buy A Bed Product Digital Printing?

- Nov 11, 2017 -

1: Check identification: First check the identification of the product, according to the identification of the insurance category, grade, specifications, ingredients, etc., to the selected bedding do a careful check, check whether there are stains, roving, jumping flowers, color and other obvious defects.

2: See work: Pay attention to bedding sewing line is straight, stitching seam is clothes, a variety of excipients, ingredients, such as the quality of the zipper is smooth, the button is strong. Color to light tone is advisable, buy darker bedding, can be used napkins in the printing or dyeing on the surface of the friction several times, if the infection on the significant color, clarify the product color fastness is not good.

3: Smell: Bedding digital printing processing process will be used in a variety of rectification agents and auxiliaries, may be residual chemical components, the human body will cause damage to the smell smell, to determine whether the taste of the chemical composition of the stimulating flavor.