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How Silk Is Made

- Jan 18, 2019 -

How silk is made

Silk is obtained from silkworm cocoons. The butterfly produces 300 eggs each time, and then produces 300 silkworms, which become silkworm cocoons. These 300 eggs have now lost the qualification to become 300 butterflies, and their mission is to make a Hermès square. To make a 90×90 cm square scarf, 300 silkworm cocoons are required, and 300 silkworm cocoons can be made into 450 km silk threads. A silkworm cocoon can extract 1,500 meters of silk, draw a large number of silk and then smash it into a strong silk thread, then put it on the textile car, and weave the two lines diagonally.

First, the silkworm cocoons should be dried (ie, killed), so that the moisture inside the silk can be removed, the silk is not easy to turn yellow, and at the same time, it can avoid turning into butterflies, destroying the integrity of the silkworm cocoons, and avoiding the excessive oil content of the silk.

Peeling: Start peeling off and remove the coat of silkworm cocoon, because the coat is thin and fragile, and the silk is messy and can't be used for cotton; this kind of coat is also.


Short silk cotton raw materials, belonging to low-grade silk.

Initial washing: The silk cotton taken from the cotton machine usually contains impurities such as suede, and these impurities are removed by rough washing to ensure that the silk has no impurities.

Boiled cotton: The main purpose of boiling cotton is to use silky gum and oyster sauce in silk cotton.

Fine washing: Wash the silk sponge after separating the sericin and eucalyptus oil, so that the softener and pH adjuster can penetrate the silk cotton better and make the silk softer.

PH adjustment: silky silk is alkaline, in order to reach the human body's acceptance range, acid should be used for pH neutralization; if the silk has sour taste, it may be the reason why the glacial acetic acid in this place is put more.

Drying: The silk wool produced can kill the bacteria in the silk cotton when it is baked at high temperature; the moisture content can be controlled within the controllable range; if it is not well controlled, the silk silk tire will be lighter and there will be cut corners. After the fiber is extracted and twisted into a yarn, it is woven into silk.