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Distinguish The Color Difference Method Of Digital Printing

- Nov 11, 2017 -

1. Hierarchy Difference method

For black and yellow, this method is very useful, usually, in the four-color version, black version of many to be short, and therefore very few levels, very simple to identify, because in most works, the yellow component of the proportion, so it seems that the yellow version of the level is very full, very paste, also good to recognize, and the magenta version and the green version, the same level, If there is no separation experience, this method is usually simple to confuse.

2. Characteristic color difference method

Usually have experienced prepress workers, many use this method to distinguish, because it fits the principle of separations, therefore, the use of high accuracy, we know that through the color separation of the filter, the various versions have their basic and opposite colors, such as the magenta version, the basic is magenta, red, blue and purple and black, the opposite color is yellow, green, green and white.