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Different Characteristics And Uses Of Oxford Cloth And Canvas

- Dec 26, 2018 -

Different Characteristics And Uses Of Oxford fabric And Canvas

1. About Oxford fabric

There are many types of oxford fabric, and both plain and twill can be woven. Set of oxford fabric, nylon oxford fabric, full-elastic oxford fabric, tigg oxford fabric, weft oxford fabric and other types. Different types of different uses.

Oxford fabric products have the characteristics of bright color, excellent elasticity, light and abrasion resistance, good corrosion resistance, etc. After the products are coated with waterproof, PU, PV or eucalyptus, they are used to make bags, tents, baby carriages, shoe materials and storage. The main materials of etc.

2.About Canvas

The canvas is mainly divided into coarse canvas and fine canvas. Most of the canvas is made of plain weave, and the warp and weft are all multi-strand. Its classification is not as much as Oxford cloth, but it is roughly divided into coarse canvas and fine canvas.

The rough canvasis very waterproof, so there are some warehouses in the car transport, as well as tents to cover. Fine canvas can be used to make clothing and to make backpacks and handbags.

3.The Difference Between Two Fabrics
Oxford fabric is relatively softer and more comfortable, and most oxford fabrics are made of polyester-cotton blended yarn and cotton yarn. They have good hand feeling, good moisture absorption and high color fastness. The canvas fabric is thicker and more compact, the color is dull, easy to fade, and feels harder to touch. Both are very strong fabrics, wear resistance is the best in Oxford, but the economy is oxford, the price difference is quite a lot. The use of Oxford fabric involves a wide range of industries.