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Designer's Most Classic Print Count

- Oct 29, 2018 -

Designer's most classic print count

Guide: In the past, fashion fans will only remember the iconic logo of a certain brand or its most distinctive fashion silhouette, and now some designers who are good at innovative printing frequently bring us a rich print visual feast. They use the printing more and more widely, from the inspiration of the pick, the application of technology, or the matching of colors, full of whimsy and artistic sense.

In the past, fashion fans only remembered the iconic logo of a certain brand or its most distinctive fashion silhouette. Nowadays, some designers who are good at innovative printing frequently bring us a rich print visual feast. The use of printing is more and more extensive, from the inspiration of the pick, the application of technology, or the matching of colors, full of whimsy and artistic sense. Such as Vivienne Westwood's Tartan Print, Christopher Kane's cosmic planet pattern, Givenchy's fierce hound, etc., we were impressed by the inspiration and creativity of these designers, but also impressed the brand's iconic prints. They seem to be equivalent to some of the trends of a certain era we often mention, they either let us remember the spring or autumn of a certain year, or see that kind of print immediately associates a brand Trademark. So let's take a closer look at the print elements and their designers, whether it's today's red or have a glorious history!

1.Mary Katrantzou's kitchen, desk, and garden pattern

Mary Katrantzou, a designer who has been popular with celebrities since her debut, is definitely a master of print. She always gets inspiration from various artists and adds colorful prints to her clothes. The winner of the 2011 New Designer Awards in the Fall/Winter 2012 collection is the third and final piece of her family environment surreal fantasy. We still remember the previous two songs. The first part of the spring and summer of 2011, the modern European interior decoration print pattern; the second part of the autumn and winter of 2011, the European style courtyard interior printing pattern. Eventually we saw the third song this season, this time about the kitchen, desk, and garden. She added a decorative grass pattern to the design of the mopping evening gown, and the circular pattern of the rubberized No. 2 HB pencil used yellow. Watches, fences, telephones, spoons and cutlery have also become prototypes of designer designs. The red typewriter on the rococo-style red velvet dress bodice has a red typewriter, and the abstract geometric figure that entangles the skirt is the keyboard of the typewriter. These incoming patterns are so dense and so delicate that you feel like you are suddenly out of the 3D album called Magic Eye, which was popular in previous years. The people around me shouted excitedly one after another: "Oh, yes, I see it now." And you are still frowning, still feeling dazzled. But Katrantzou's patterns are so perfect in terms of conceptualization that the condensing and sublimation of these ordinary objects has once again become the best and most peculiar work of London Fashion Week.

2. Prada's Monkey Banana Print

Miuccia Prada is not a designer who likes to make a fuss about printing, but in the spring/summer 2011 collection, she shows the most grotesque prints of Milan Fashion Week in the season – you can't imagine minimalist Baroque and cartoon bananas. How did the monkey climb the noble fashion of Prada. For example, the decorative pattern of the Baroque architectural style will make the human body look like a picture frame, wrapping the dazzling bright stripes inside. When you look closely, the monkey in the pattern looks pretty like a banana. Even with Prada's consistently unconventional aesthetic standards, this season is its biggest breakthrough to date. It is worth mentioning that since its inception, this series has been featured on the cover of 48 fashion magazines around the world. Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of the American version of Vogue, was photographed wearing a banana print dress during London Fashion Week, and then she Dressed in another eye-catching striped dress in the same collection on the cover of The Wall Street Journal. Designer Miuccia Prada himself described this season's print as "Minimal Baroque".

3.Giles Deacon's burning pattern print

Giles Deacon's Fall 2012 fashion show is full of storylines, and on a cold winter night, a spacious country house burns in the fire. Before the show began, Deacon said: "I just want to know that when the house collapses, the people who rushed out of the fire will look dismayed and dressed." Therefore, in this series, Giles' printing makes people mistakenly think that it is “fired fabric”, but in fact, those laminated chiffons are realized by “burning pattern printing”, which gives the effect of magical drift and exquisite dress. The Unicorn Garden Print is the ultimate in magical themes, and the imagination of Tianma Star makes the prints in a sense of destruction, hiding the beauty of romance.

4.Yves Saint Laurent's pop art pattern

The Pop Art Collection of 1966 was one of the most ghostly horse designs of the 1960s. Inspired by the works of Pop artists, Tom Wesselmann's nude girl who was half-awake and half-awake became the inspiration for YSL, with a half-length naked and red lips. Popular and interesting. Get the biggest surprise on the simplest outline.

5.Etro's paisley pattern

When you mention the Paisley print, I am afraid that the Italian brand Etro will be recalled in the first time. Although this ancient print has re-emerged in this season, it was Etro that was the first to use this element on a large scale and insisted that it was the brand's classic label. It is the oriental element pattern inspired by the founder of the brand, Gimmo Etro, when he traveled to India. Later, Mr. Etro improved and updated it to inject new vitality into the original ancient pattern, making Etro's classic cashew pattern full of luxury. Over the years, paisley patterns have been used extensively in brands such as homes, leather goods, ready-to-wear, and shawls, scarves and ties.

6. Jean-Charles de Castelbajac's banknote pattern

If the pattern can express optimism, then the designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac is undoubtedly the most optimistic one, creating a flashy space with rich colors and Interesting patterns and popular in the world. In his works, there are many iconic prints - Mickey Mouse, Michael Jackson, Coca Cola, credit cards, etc. can all be the protagonists in his bridge. At the 2009 Fall/Winter Paris Fashion Week, the designer put a character avatar and animal avatar on a T-shirt, showing people a world where people and animals live in harmony, and the most exaggerated design is a direct green beauty. The banknotes were printed on a loosely tailored dress. These imaginative ideas all prove the designer's design philosophy with "fun" as the premise.

7.Givenchy's fierce hound pattern

Riccardo, who is wearing a black and white tone of the Gothic style, is in black, brown and beige in the fall/winter 2011 menswear week in Paris. He uses his usual eye-catching patterns to move out of the group of ferocious hounds. The roaring hound pattern sometimes appears on the chest in a single large area, with fierce wild taste, and sometimes stacked together. The far view is quite gorgeous and luxurious, and it is carefully matched with the stable brown-red plaid, which is extremely shocking. Visual effects!

8. Christopher Kane's cosmic planet pattern

When it comes to Christopher Kane, what most people think of is probably his most creative print. From the cooperation with Topshop, the Tee with the big mouth of the crocodile, and the skirt with the atomic bomb explosion pattern in the spring/summer 2010 series, the digital printing will undoubtedly push Kane's career to an unprecedented height. The most memorable one is from his 2011 vacation collection, where Christopher Kane leads the audience through outer space, using a thin silk or organza fabric with a motorcycle jacket or leather shorts of the same fabric. Using the contrast of the fabric and the strong color contrast between the nebulae in the print, create a beautiful space.