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Cashmere Scarf Cleaning Method

- Dec 13, 2018 -

Cashmere scarf cleaning method

1, cashmere products are made of a kind of precious cashmere raw materials, because cashmere has light, soft, warm, slippery characteristics, it is best to wash the family by hand alone;Different colors of cashmere products should not be washed together, so as not to stained with color.Use water of 30 Celsius or so to join shampoo first, wash clean, after wrapping with cloth dehydrate.

2, in the steamer add the right amount of water and boil, wash the scarf folded into the steamer drawer, steam about 10 minutes after the cease-fire, take out.Cut a piece of cardboard with scarf same size before, cut mouth place had better affix adhesive strip, lest scrape bad, cover scarf next on heavy cardboard, clip is fixed, individual place can undertake pulling pull pull by hand.Let cool completely and remove the cardboard, then spread out the scarf to dry.

3, to pay attention to is, before stretching should be the total length of the scarf and parts of the length of proportion in mind, can not be stretched too much at a time.Measure the total length with a ruler after all the drawing. If the length is not enough, repeat.

Wash the scarf must not have a hand wring dry, remember not to hang.After the dehydration of cashmere sweater tiled on the table covered with terry cloth, with a ruler to measure the original size, with the hand into the prototype dry, avoid hanging in the sun.

After them, can be used in the temperature (140 ℃) steam iron flat iron, iron and cashmere products from 0.5 ~ 1 cm distance, pressure of avoid by all means in the above, if use other iron must be wet towel.


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