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2017 Global Textile Digital Printing Summit

- Dec 28, 2017 -

The responsibility-oriented green industry, innovation-driven technology industry and culture-led fashion industry are the new orientations of China's textile industry. "Technology, fashion and greenness" have become the new labels and symbols of China's textile industry. Digital printing is a combination of technology and the arts, is leading a new fashion trend, speeding up the traditional printing industry changes. After years of development, the digital printing technology of the textile is maturing day by day, the high-speed equipment is put into the market constantly, has provided the technical means for producing the high quality, high value-added printing textile, becoming the fastest growing field in the current textile market. To promote the integration of textile inkjet printing technology and fashion and build a platform for industry and market exchange and cooperation, from December 19 to 20, 2017, "2017 Global Textile Digital Printing Summit" was grandly held in Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province .

The theme of this summit is "Technology + Fashion, Industry + Market", which is divided into five sections, including opening ceremony, theme conference, equipment and ink conference, technology and technology conference and fashion and market conference.

At the opening ceremony, Shen Zhijiang, secretary of the CPC Shaoxing Keqiao District, delivered a welcome speech. China Textile City is the largest specialized textile market in the world with the largest variety of products and the widest radiation range. Around the green high-end, the world's leading development goals, comprehensively promote the wisdom of the market to upgrade, upgrade the fashion industry, the city of international ideas, to build a comprehensive structure optimization, advanced technology, green environmental protection, high added value and competitive modern textile industry system . Inkjet printing technology with the current personalized, trendy consumer trends green, intelligent technology-oriented, with broad prospects for development The summit was held again in Keqiao, the industry authority, the industry gathered together to discuss cooperation , And seek common development, hoping to promote more cooperation and win-win opportunities to promote seamless digital printing technology and textile industry in Keqiao docking and common prosperity.

Through this summit, for the feeling of digital printing technology and fashion charm, found that digital printing technology for the textile printing and dyeing industry to bring new opportunities to understand the development of digital printing market need to solve the problem, a clear digital printing industry in the future development of ideas and direction, It is of great significance to strengthen the effective communication and innovation cooperation in upstream and downstream industry chains so as to promote the scientific and healthy development of textile digital printing jointly by industry professionals.